Faulkingham, Ralph PhD; Anthropology; West Africa; rural development

Harper, Krista PhD; Anthropology; Azores Islands, Hungary, Portugal; health issues of Romani (Gypsy), environmental health

Hemment, Julie PhD; Anthropology; Russia; Civil society, women’s rights

Krause, Elizabeth PhD; Anthropology; Italy, Spain, Palau, Marshall Islands; Reproductive health policy

Leidy Sievert, Lynnette, PhD; Anthropology; Mexico, Slovenia, Paraguay, Bangladesh; Women’s health, menopause

Perez, Ventura PhD; Anthropology; Mexico; interpersonal and institutional forms of violence

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Reckhow, David, PhD; Civil Engineering; Iran; water treatment, water quality


Carbaugh, Donal PhD; Communication; Russia, Finland; cultural discourse analysis, cultural identity, cross-cultural inquiry

Chakravartty, Paula PhD; Communication; India, Brazil; mass media, development, education, employment

Hanson, Jarice PhD; Thailand; new information technologies; media and human rights; communication for sustainable social change

Servaes, Jan PhD; Communication; Thailand; communication for sustainable social change

Communication Disorders

Baran, Jane PhD; Communication Disorders

Zaretsky, Elena PhD; Communication Disorders; Russia; Language acquisition, language comprehension


Ash, Michael PhD; South Africa, Ghana, Russia; Environment, Health, Health Disparities


Smith, Cristine EdD; Education; Nepal, Latin America, India; literacy, adult and non-formal education, women’s health & literacy

Hartwell, Ash PhD; Education; Egypt, Botswana, Lesotho, Uganda, Ghana, Afghanistan, Malawi, South Africa; education policy, formal and non-formal education

Environmental Sciences

Lanza, Guy PhD; Environmental Sciences; Vietnam, Thailand; water quality


Rich, Stephen PhD; Entomology; Sudan, Cameroon, Uganda, Cote-d’Ivoire, Congo, Nigeria, Brazil; Malaria (Plasmodium falciparum in Africa), zoonotic and arthropod vector borne diseases


Hafner, James PhD; Geography; Thailand, Philippines; political ecology of development, resource management and migration.


Butterfield, D. Anthony PhD; Management; South Africa; Leadership

Mangaliso, Mzamo PhD; Management; South Africa; Leadership

Marx, Robert PhD; Management; Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Tunisia; Leadership


Blanchard, Jeffrey PhD; Microbiology; influence of global climate change on populations of marine cyanobacteria

Riley, Margaret PhD; Biology; Microbial evoluation, anti-bacterial resistance

Natural Resources Conservation

Schweik, Charles PhD; Natural Resources Conservation; Nepal, Nigeria, Uganda, Vietnam, and Brazil; GIS, environmental management and policy Nutrition

Carbone, Elena PhD; Nutrition; Puerto Rico, South Africa; Nutrition, Community-Based Participatory Research, Cancer

Ronnenberg, Alayne ScD; Nutrition; Congo, China, Russia, Peru, Bangladesh; biomarkers of health status (esp. vitamin D and other micronutrients), particularly as they relate to reproductive health (pregnancy, fertility, PMS, etc.) and infectious diseases (TB, HIV)

Political Science

Hird, John PhD; Political Science; Public Policy, Environmental policy

Robinson, Dean PhD; Political Science; Caribbean; health inequalities, race & health

Public Health

Anker, Martha PhD; Public Health; India, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea, Egypt, Uganda, Zambia; Global surveillance and response systems for infectious diseases, Dengue fever, Sex, gender and infectious diseases

Buchanan, David DrPH; Public Health; Russia, China, South Africa, Iran, Ghana, Vietnam, Afghanistan; Research Ethics, Community-based Participatory Research

Foulkes, Andrea ScD; Public Health; South Africa; Biostatistics

Gerber, Daniel MPH, EdD, CHES; Public Health; Phillipines, Bangladesh, Afghanistan; Training, Popular Education

Gillum, Tameka PhD; Public Health; Violence, Cross cultural competence

Gubrium, Aline PhD; Public health; Iran, Indonesia; Women’s Health, Reproductive Health, Qualitative Research

Kostecki, Paul PhD; Environmental Health; Kuwait, Iran; soil contamination

Pekow, Penelope PhD; Public Health; South Africa, Tonga; Biostatistics, Research Methods

Rogers, Christine PhD; Public health; Environmental Health, air-borne infectious diseases, asthma

Stanek, Edward PhD; Public Health; Mexico, Egypt, Kenya, Brazil, Argentina; Biostatistics


Troppe, Linda PhD; Psychology; Israel, Palestine; ethnic relations, ethnic violence

Resource Economics

Caswell, Julie, PhD; Resource Economics; Italy, Poland, Brazil, Spain food systems, hunger

Regional Planning

Taupier, Richard PhD; Regional Planning; Russian, Mongolia, Central Asia, India and South Himalayan Rim; Regional development, environmental management and economics, regional sustainability, geographic information systems and cultural sustainability


Anderton, Douglas PhD; Sociology, Demography; Thailand, Finland, China; population studies, statistics, environmental health and policy.

Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Black, Samuel PhD; Veterinary & Animal Sciences; Kenya Belgium; Molecular basis for control of African Trypanosomiasis and Equine Laminitis

Translation Center

Gentzler, Edwin PhD; Director of the Translation Center; Brazil, Italy; translation theory