The UMass Institute for Global Health

Mission: In an increasingly interdependent world, the mission of the University of Massachusetts Institute for Global Health is to protect and promote the health of people across the globe.  To achieve this goal, the IGH serves as a catalyst for initiating large-scale multi-disciplinary programs of research and education in international health settings.  The IGH conducts collaborative research projects designed to develop effective programs and policies to alleviate pressing global health problems and provides a range of educational opportunities for US and international personnel seeking advanced training in the global health issues.  Founded on a commitment to building non-exploitative partnerships, the IGH has a special emphasis on finding integrated system solutions to health problems associated with post-colonial, post-conflict social conditions.

Focus: The University of Massachusetts Institute for Global Health was officially inaugurated in 2006 to bolster the university’s commitment to international development and to provide greater direction and support to faculty who conduct research and training programs in international health.  The IGH currently has 47 faculty affiliates working in 58 different countries.  Both self-interest and the demands of justice call for concerted action to reduce threats to population health, ranging from emerging infectious disease epidemics to the aftermath of natural disasters to the social unrest caused by hunger and the inequitable burden of disease.  Since its inception, we have initiated interdisciplinary research and training projects in South Africa, Zambia, Ghana, China, Thailand, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia and the circumpolar region — Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Norway and Russia.